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The todo list app that helps you make tasks you'll actually do.

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What's the plan?

Todo lists are fine, but they fall over when there's too many tasks.Mondage is based on plans with links between tasks.Linking tasks that need to happen first, to what happens next let you decompose big problems into easy pieces.

Tackle complexity

Juggling multiple projects at once is hard, but Mondage shows you what tasks you can do first letting you plan far into the future while only focusing on what needs to happen next.Plan top-down but do bottom-up. Mondage is for incredible people like you who do incredible things.

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Make links...

Drag what comes first onto what comes next. realtime...

Access your data from multiple clients wherever you are.

...from anywhere

Web available openly, with Android and iOS versions in private beta.

Scheduling is Coming

Once you know what you need to do, the next question is when you're going to do it.We have big plans to use cutting-edge algorithms to go from what you can do to what you should do to have done.


The best part, for now, it's free.

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